Strong Confident Girls is a movement for women and girls, inspired by business consultant, certified group fitness instructor and co-founder of Fountain of Youth Fitness, Hassan Robinson. It aims to help women and girls succeed in life through a holistic approach.

For the last seven years Robinson has given back to his community in the shape of community service, mentoring, and tutoring. During his time serving the women in the community through fitness, he began to realize the need to make health and wellness a priority for these selfless souls. Taking a further step back he also began to notice the lack of fitness programs for girls in comparison to that for boys. The vision of SCG is for women to start seeing their health and wellness as a priority and to invest into girls so that they can develop the balance and stability needed to be prosperous.

Robinson is inspired by the SCG movement where women and girls are the voice and driving force. He understands that women’s lives are very different than his but through involvement and collaboration he and others can bring about positive social change.

Our Values

Knowledge & Intelligence