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About Be Great Athletics

At BeGREATAthletics we believe that fitness is about being able to perform functional daily activities. After, noticing the lack of education on health, fitness and wellness in the inner city of Rochester, NY we felt like we could impact the community by creating healthier lifestyles. It is important to become more active and be health conscious.

The mission of BeGREATAthletics is to show that any and every person can tap into their inner athlete to unlock their potential to see maximum results. This mission is very important because most of us never know where to start or when to start on our Fitness journey. We all have that inner athlete whether we were engaged in sports or not in middle school, high school or college. It’s simply about taking it to the next level to train like that athlete you inspire to be so you can see results.

The vision of BeGREATAthletics is to build the self confidence, self esteem, mental and physical capabilities of our clients. Our ultimate goal is to see the smiles and countless hugs from clients when they achieve something that in their mind was the impossible. As always any goal is attainable you just have to believe in yourself and be GREAT!