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About Success Mentor Dante J. Worth

Diagnosed with Alopecia at age 8, he first lost his hair in patches and though it regrew two years later when he was 15, the condition returned. Dante has worked to overcome the effects of living with Alopecia and has a mission of helping others find ways to remain positive. After being bullied throughout high school by people who didn’t understand his condition, Worth was inspired to start his own organization to raise awareness about Alopecia, and the IANMH Project was born.

In 2014, he released his first book entitled Free To Be Me: I Am Not My Issues. In the book, Dante describes in detail how he overcame these issues and others, including Religion Issues, Validation Issues, Abuse Issues and more. He gives you access to his private struggles and provides you with tools and inspirational messages to help YOU overcome your issues. The book did exceptionally well and inspired him to build a business that helps women share their story, build profitable platforms, and create a life they truly love! Dante is the host of an annual event, Audacious Believer’s Ultimate Women’s Conference where he brings together women and men to enable, empower, and inspire them to live life with a victorious freedom.

Whether he’s speaking, coaching, acting, or modeling, Dante uses all of his gifts to inspire the world. Having dealt with many of life’s issues, Dante is now free to pursue individual destiny… free to love and be loved… free to not just do more, but be more, and to inspire others to do the same.

“Life is meant to be enjoyed and not just endured!” – Success Mentor Dante J. Worth