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About Kickboxer Michael Carson

Michael Carson is a World Kickboxing Association National and International Champion, U.S. Open Martial Arts Champion, and International Kickboxing Gold Medalist, who’s also known as “King Soal” in the ring.

Carson started his journey in martial arts very early in life. He was eight-years-old when his mother and grandmother signed him up for taekwondo lessons. As he grew up, Carson excelled in the martial arts.

Carson attributes a lot of his success to his affiliate, Bedroc, which has a habit of producing well-rounded fighters. "It just shows that with a team like Bedroc, we're able to turn good athletes into phenomenal ones," Carson said. "We all work so hard and that's where teamwork comes in again. We're pushing each other and we pick each other up."

Carson makes a point to introduce young community members, who grew up where he did, to the sport and the benefits it has for kids who need a positive outlet.

Carson believes that anything is possible when you are determined and surrounded by like minded teammates who care about you.